Thursday, October 1, 2009


Some photos taken on my mobile during a recent trip to the zoo. Stylin' the safari look toddler style!

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has finally sprung! To celebrate I made this very simple, but colourful ensemble for my little Pixie. The ant fabric and dot fabric are both Japanese imports :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brunch Stylin

A whole lot of changes (mostly fantastic and exciting) are happening around here and there hasn't been a whole lot of time (but mostly energy) for new sewing projects.

Sewing may have taken a backseat for a bit, but I have not altogether withdrawn from the crafting world in favour of the boring reality of work and life. Recently I decided that my little LaLa NEEDED leg warmers. I could have ordered her a pair of expensive BabyLegs, or even created my own quick version using socks, but no, I envisioned her wearing lovely ballet pink fluffy knitted leg warmers and it sounded like the perfect project...except I couldn't knit!

My very dear and incredibly patient Nana came for a visit last month and spent a great deal of time teaching me how to knit (without any sign of frustration...but perhaps a little amusement at my lack of coordination at times). All was going fabulously, until my Nana returned to Melbourne. So then began the frustrating week of knitting half a leg warmer, dropping a stitch, trying to pick it up, messing it up, unravelling the entire leg warmer and starting again. About 12 unravelling's later, I finally decided to settle for imperfection. So we have leg leg warmer that has now become an arm warmer. If only my Nana had of been here to remind me to cast off on larger needles....

I have been equally as unmotivated to take photos recently so photos of my lovely, imperfect single armwarmer will just have to wait. Until then, some photos of little LaLa off to Brunch...

Pinafore dress - Heather Ross Far, Far Away double-guaze fabric, pattern adapted from Japanese pattern book

Cardigan - blue cotton lycra with lace trim, pattern adapted from Japanese pattern book

Ruffled skirt - cream babywale cord, own design

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sharing the Love - Jewellery by Geneine Honey

This week I am sharing my adoration for Love by Melbourne artist/designer Geneine Honey.

When I stumbled upon a selection of her amazing accessories in a teeny tiny shop right here in Canberra, I literally did a happy dance and squealed with joy. I absolutely adore her cute, colourful, quirky oversized necklace pendants. The worst thing about the range is that everything is so darn adorable it is almost impossible to choose just one piece!

Thankfully I easily convinced shop-a-phobic Hubby to purchase something special for our anniversary (with a passionate lecture about supporting local designers/artists and all that....) and he has dutifully promised to check it out tomorrow and come home with a lovely piece (or two...please!!!).

To see more of these absolutely delightful treasures, visit her beautiful website HERE

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Open for Business!

I have listed a vintage style swing coat in my Etsy store. More coats will be listed this week :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Girls Day Out

Skirt made by me, pearls, red handbag and baby in matching red dress all her idea...Miss La-La stylin' it today for the Way We Wear Vintage Fair.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Call for Help

I have 2 coats finished and have another 2 on their way. I really enjoy making these sweet little coats and would love to start listing an assortment of one of a kind coats on Etsy.

I have started getting messages from people wanting to buy them. Thing is, I have absolutely no idea how to price them. What is a reasonable price, without selling myself short? I've searched Etsy and online and have found similar (but nothing quite the same) coats selling for anywhere between $50 and $225! At what price point do my coats belong?

As a general idea, I'm spending anywhere from $25-40 on materials (depending on whether I get a bargain or not!) and for the vintage coats with the handsewn lining, between 5 and 7 hours hard labour to create a single coat. So what is my time worth? What are people willing to pay?

Any tips? Can anyone honestly tell me how much they would be willing to pay for one of my vintage or reversible pixie coats? Help!