Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sharing the Love - Jewellery by Geneine Honey

This week I am sharing my adoration for Love by Melbourne artist/designer Geneine Honey.

When I stumbled upon a selection of her amazing accessories in a teeny tiny shop right here in Canberra, I literally did a happy dance and squealed with joy. I absolutely adore her cute, colourful, quirky oversized necklace pendants. The worst thing about the range is that everything is so darn adorable it is almost impossible to choose just one piece!

Thankfully I easily convinced shop-a-phobic Hubby to purchase something special for our anniversary (with a passionate lecture about supporting local designers/artists and all that....) and he has dutifully promised to check it out tomorrow and come home with a lovely piece (or two...please!!!).

To see more of these absolutely delightful treasures, visit her beautiful website HERE

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  1. Did shop-aholic hubby come through with the goods???